Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, I love to craft. It got so much worse once I lost my job and had time to read blogs and go to Michaels. Then, it got even worse once we got a Hobby Lobby in Augusta. Let's all take a moment of silence as we think of "The Hob". Okay, that is better. Really, it is my happy place. I walk in and all my stress just flows away. I could literally spend HOURS in that store. Seriously, L-O-V-E it!!! But, I digress!!!My mom and I have decided that we are going to try and put our talents to work and see if we can make some money from it. So, on Sunday, October 10th, we are having a Fall Harvest Open House! We are going to sell our jewelry that we make, my Thirty-One, personalized Christmas ornaments, candles, wine glasses, fall wreaths and center pieces, and Christmas wreaths! It will be a one stop shop!!

So, on Sunday, mom and I got together to make a couple of wreaths for the show. Here are some pictures of the creations we made!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

I promise to try and do this some-what regularly??

I always admire people that blog regularly. Am I one of those, why, you would know that if you try and follow my blog!!! But, I have had some requests (Jamie Andrews) to update my blog, so here I go.

I am going to give everyone a quick update on what has been going on in my life and then try and update with some pictures of projects that I have been working on.

I recently started a new job at Portman's Music Store as their Music Academy Coordinator. I love it. I am finally in a position that uses my music degree, my spiritual gift of administration and my love for children. I get to help kids get more involved in music by finding ways to get our name out to the community. If you live in Augusta, and are wanting to take private music lessons, shoot me an email -!

Other than that, I am selling Thirty-One. Don't know what Thirty-One is? Check out my website. I PROMISE you will LOVE it and you will want to book a show for September or October!!!

Well, and if that isn't enough, I am also doing a lot of crafting - I named my "hobby" 1:10 Creations. Name comes from Song of Solomon 1:10 "Your cheeks are beautiful with earrings, your neck with strings of jewels." It started out as jewelry that my mom and I were making and has gone to wreaths, picture frames, ornaments, and anything else we can think to make.

That is it for now, I will try and do another post of some wreaths that we made today.